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The Safety Killing Attitudes

Among the attitudes that contribute the most to declining safety are outlined below. Learn how to recognize these in yourself and fellow aviators so that you are able to correct them before you get into trouble:

Anti-Authority: When an anti-authority stance is taken, “cowboy” attitudes envelope decision-making. Contrary to popular opinion, the FAA is not here to ruin our day, the agency’s rules are there for a reason. In order to keep all of us safe, each of us is duty bound to follow rules.

Resignation: By taking this tact, you give up before you begin. Look around at most aviators and you see confidence and aptitude. However, when resignation appears, self-fulfilling prophecies swallow good piloting decisions.

Invincibility: The idea you are not going to have any accidents or you possess some sort of magic aura that protects you from all things bad. Get over it. Bad things can and will happen to you with this attitude.

Rashness: Impulsive decisions lead to errors. Take the time to think out your moves and choices. Even in emergency situations, the difference between a one or two second breath and immediate reactions often leads to better decisions. Slow down.

Machismo/Bravado: This is not limited to men only. This attitude has the potential to affect female pilot decisions as well. Ask yourself why are you up here flying. Is it to have bragging rights or to show off, or is it for the pure love of flying? Leave the ego at the door and just fly.

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