MCT Oil Demystified! Does It Really Help Burn Fat?

Fitness enthusiasts swear that it gives them more strength. In his bestseller book Lean Bodies, Cliff Sheats prescribes taking it to shed excess weight. Supplement creators brag about how it’s an absolute standout and amongst the best fat killers available.

So, what is this enchantingly oily solution that so many people claim can help your metabolism and transform your body into a fit, fat-consuming machine?

Well, we’re talking about MCT oil, of course!

What Is MCT?

MCT just stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides and are found in many substances, including coconut oil, full-fat milk, and grass-fed butter. At room temperature, MCT is a light-yellow, scentless, translucent fluid.

So Why MCT?

Hundreds of athletes, weight lifters, and diet gurus have all vouched for MCT, praising its energy-sustaining and fat-burning capabilities.

Among the ketogenic diet movement, experts and MCT oil representatives say that the substances vitality-supporting elements can be explained as follows: when MCT oil is utilized in the body, it acts more like a starch than a fat. Instead of making their way through the lymphatic system, MCTs are transported to the liver where they are directly metabolized into energy.

However, not everybody has completely persuaded of MCTs fat-reducing powers. Many doctors say that the oil has only been able to burn fat in animals and that no research shows how it works on humans.

Many healthcare organizations have suggested that there could be potential health risks associated with taking MCT oil. In fact, researchers have also found that certain foods which contain MCTs (like palm oil) can actually raise your cholesterol and arterial plaque levels. Also, the oil is strictly prohibited if you’re diabetic or have routine gastrointestinal problems.

The Last Word On MCTs

Conventional dietary fat (LCTs) have a similar organic structure as our body fat, which is the reason why excess calories from regular food get stored easily. As MCT oil is metabolized by the liver, it immediately releases energy and is consumed without creating harmful by-products. Therefore, it is assumed that this oil a lower tendency to add to body fat.

Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended that you consult your doctor before you add MCT oil to your diet!


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