Quick declutter tips to reclaim your home!

Oh my, clutter gets me down!

Stuff everywhere frazzles my brain to the point of being oh-my-goodness-mummy-overload panic inducing.

Plus the time it takes to tidy drives me mad.

Not to mention the time it takes to find anything, particularly in the morning … in the rush …

This year, the clutter the got to me so much that I planned to put aside real time for attacking it.

I came up with a few quick declutter wins but also decided I just had to tackle some of the big jobs that were driving me crazy.

The good news was that some of the big decluttering tasks were actually really quick wins and created loads of space … 

So now for the quick wins. Here’s a list of super quick wins to help you declutter your home: 

How to do a quick declutter

1. Bed Linen & Duvets

We don’t have an airing cupboard so bed linen was shoved in 4 drawers.

And spare duvets were rammed everywhere … in cupboards, under beds, in the top of wardrobes … absolutely anywhere I could find space and boy oh boy do duvet needs space!

I thought this was going to be a real biggie but in just over an hour I’d:

  • filtered out the torn & marked stuff, covers that didn’t fit, cot sheets, random pillow slips from I know not where & a few very old sets I was keeping “in case”
  • neatly stacked the bed linen … vertically … in fab Skubb drawer dividers from Ikea, which I’ve got in all our drawers. (If like me you’re not near an Ikea and don’t want to pay their pricey shipping … you can get them on Amazon in the US and UK
  • squeezed all the spare duvets and pillows away in space bags.

What a result!

I can now easily change a bed without pulling everything out onto the floor AND AND AND I freed up a big cupboard, two drawers and a load of space under my bed.

2. Winter & Summer Stuff

I don’t often manage to put seasonal stuff away but our battle against moths made it a must.

Blankets, jumpers, hats, scarves & gloves were tracked down, washed and stored well away from the moths in … Ziploc do a box of 15 in different sizes which I can totally recommend. They work much better for me than other brands I tried & the different sizes are really handy.

It made such a difference! I just wish I’d done it before.

Wardrobes and drawers are no longer crammed full and spilling out all over the place. And it’s actually easy to put things away which means much less left lying on the floor.

3. Packaging

Toys are one of the biggest source of clutter in our house.

We have way too many and lots need to go … but that’s not a quick declutter job. What was quick was getting rid of the packaging.

I took all the games, jigsaws and kits I could out of their boxes … cutting out pictures and instructions where needed … and put them in zipper bags.

Without getting rid of any toys we were able to put everything away for the first time in ages and all those pesky little pieces were safe in their bag rather than scattered all over the floor!

I still need to get rid of loads of toys but this was a brilliant quick win … as you can see here, I fitted 10 big boxes into 10 little A5 wallets in this neat basket.

I used A5, A4 and a few A3 wallets (for big games like Kerplunk) from Snopake but Amico also have a wide range available in all sorts of sizes and colours.

4. Plastic Tubs 

When we moved into our house I carved a store cupboard out of an alcove in the sitting room.

It worked well for a while until it was taken over by plastic tubs … you know those frustrating kind that just won’t stack in side each other and take up as much space empty as full.

The shelves were full of them and everything else ended up being shoved in any old place.

I was brutal.

I just decided the maximum space I could give to tubs and still fit everything else in neatly … it was two baskets worth … and cleared out the rest.

And have I desperately needed all those other tubs I was keeping? Of course not. And I now have a functioning cupboard again.

5. Cleaning Cupboard

The cleaning cupboard might not seem like a major space hogger but it can do your head in.

You need stuff from it everyday and if you’ve got to root around to find anything, every time you open it, it’s going to drive you crazy.

I’ve seriously decluttered ours by replacing zillions of different products with a few essentials. It’s saved me a fortune and a whole load of head space!

6. Toiletries

If you’re like me, your bathroom & dressing table are full of products you don’t use … ever!!

Again, they might not take up an enormous amount of space, but it’s critical space in the bathroom and they make it impossible to find things you actually do use.

I can’t even begin to describe how much time and mental energy I have saved every morning, now I can actually find my mascara and my hair brush without emptying the draw out.

I would love to say that our house is now clutter free and immaculate … hmmm, not yet … but these 6 super quick jobs have made a real difference. And have motivated me to keep going.

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