Some Best Rated Refrigerators


There are a few things you should consider when you want to buy a new refrigerator. For example, the size, capacity, energy usage, price, etc. The goal is that you can get the best rated refrigerators and can meet your needs for storing drinks, foods and other items cold and fresh.

You actually do not have to examine all of the above factors in order to decide what car you want to buy. There is an easy way with great results.

What is it? By choosing the best rated refrigerators. Namely, the refrigerator that got the best or highest rating from the users. At least got into the 4.0 rating (rating is 1-5 ).

best rated refrigerators
Of course, you have to choose the right size according to your needs. For example, the refrigerator for the kitchen, a small room, dorm room, on the road, picnics  etc.

If the size of the top rated refrigerators does not suit your needs, you can choose another brand or model.

You may require a lower rating range, namely 3.0 and more. They are still good enough to be selected.

Three Best Rated Refrigerators

Here are the three best rated refrigerators with a range of 4.0 – 5.0 you can choose when you want to buy the best fridge. They are:

1 . SPT 2.5 cu.ft Compact Refrigerator Stainless Door with Black Sides.

The rating of this fridge is 4.6 and the price of $ 159.00. You can save 16 %. This refrigerator’s capacity is 2.5 cu. ft. with adjustable thermostat and HCFC free.

A consumer, rmap01, said he bought this refrigerator to provide the foods and drinks for lunch at the office. He placed this refrigerator under the work table and others can not see it. It did not sound noisy.

He was surprised when he learned that the refrigerator compartment really make items that are stored in the refrigerator were freezing.

2. Haier HCR17W 1.7 Cubic Feet Refrigerator / Freezer, White.

This fridge got a 4.2 rating. It is cheaper than the fridge above, namely $ 109.99. However, here there is no discount.

G Head, customer, said he bought this refrigerator for his daughter at South University ‘s dorm. It is half the size of a small fridge compressor -less ordinary. It can be placed under the bed or under the house tables. It can load all the needs of a college kid.

There are black and white. Her daughter loved this mini fridge. It was really good. Amazon gives the best price.

3. Whynter 18 Bottle Compressor Built-In Wine Refrigerator.

Based on the customer reviews, this product got a 4.4 rating. So, this is very good. Price is $ 478.36 after getting 3 % discount. It is best-sellers.

This refrigerator has a storage capacity of 19 wine bottle standard 750ml, using a double-pane tempered gray smoked glass for enhanced UV protection and temperature control with a range of 40-65 degrees F.

Moreover, it also uses a powerful compressor cooling fan circulation and locks.

A consumer stated this is very good refrigerator for the kitchen and fits as it’s always there. It works the way it should. Although it has not used optimally because it was quite cold.

That are some best rated refrigerators you could choose one. Which would choose? The clear is you have to choose the best.



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